Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cupcake Social. {a birthday party}

   My niece turned 3 yesterday and we celebrated over the weekend. She chose a Cupcake Social theme and my sister {as always} blew it out of the water. It was small and simple, but still so precious and sweet!
  The little cupcake display, Cupcake Factory craft, and sprinkle cups {that my niece was straight eating throughout the party} were such fun details! I didn't get a single photo of the birthday princess because she was having too much fun running around and playing with her friends {and honestly, I was wrangling my bruiser of a toddler. He's obsessed with his cousins!}- but I know she had so much fun and is loving all the dress up clothes she was gifted by everyone. And that's why I'm not terribly sad about not having a girl of my own- my two girly girl nieces give me plenty of chances to have fun!
  Happy birthday, Mia! We loved your party {and the leftover cupcakes we brought home with us...}!

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