Monday, July 27, 2015

Baby number two is a...

  ...a BOY! And we are so so excited about it! First of all, we are just thankful that we had a 100% healthy scan on Friday. I've said it before, but I just don't take for granted that we'll have a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. All of those things are miracles and not guaranteed, so we're grateful that this little guy is healthy and happy right now!
  But back to him being a him. Can I be honest? I really, really wanted another boy. I was so hoping for one. Of course, I would have been excited about a little girl too- but a boy just seems so right. I'm over the moon!
  And all of the sudden, the whole thing feels real. We're having another baby! We saw his sweet profile and little legs and arms up by his face {just like his older brother}. We breathed a sigh of relief that seems to come with every 20 week ultrasound and seeing an actual baby on the screen instead of just a little blob. 
  So let the nursery planning begin! This one will be basic and simple since we want to move soon, but I have my eye on some precious animal {dog!} prints and area rugs. And we'll for sure be getting some of the same bargain Ikea furniture we used in Caleb's room. So stay tuned for more ideas and inspiration for a simple and sweet boy nursery!


Holly Osbeck said...

SO exciting!!!! Congrats!! :):):)

Allison said...

So exciting! I'm very happy for you! XO