Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tips for teething.

I'm totally late to the teething game because at 9 months, Caleb just now has his first teeth. You guys, my kid is lazy. Really cute and very lazy, even when it comes to getting teeth. But anyways, we have two now! And after a few weeks of dealing with the whole process, we've figured out what works for out little guy to make it a little more bearable for all of us. 

1. Teething toys. We love our Nuby teething toys. They're never far from Caleb's reach and he constantly shoves them on his mouth to chew on. His favorite, by far, is his pineapple Fruity Chew- I think because it's the perfect size for his little hands to hold and just so soft {and makes me want to get some of these for him!}. I also have started keeping his Spin n'Teethe and Safari Loop in our diaper bag- between chewing and crinkling and spinning- they both keep him busy! They're all bright and fun and also BPA free, so I feel good about him chomping on them. Bonus? They're all under $6!!!

2. Food. My kid is passionate about eating, and I've found that it really does seem to make him feel better. Our go-to teething snacks are small cereals/puff and bananas. He loves to hold his own banana and go to town- and I think it really does feel good on his sore gums. And now that he's able to eat cereal, I absolutely always have  some with me wherever we go. You can usually find two of these Nuby Wash or Toss bowls in our diaper bag and half a dozen in our sink or drying in our dish drainer. They're perfect for on the go because of their size and I never feel guilty if I lose one or have to toss it for whatever reason {toss is literally in their name!}. 

3. Pain reliever. Perhaps you fall into the never give my child medicine forever and ever amen camp. Awesome! But I don't. This stuff works miracles for Caleb- we give it to him in moderation, but can tell when he really needs it to just take the edge off of his pain. He's happier, sleeps and eats better, and it is sort of our teething lifesaver.

4. Being flexible. We have a great schedule around here, and we love it. I guess we're creatures of habit. This Sunday we had to miss church because he was fighting a nap- and we just had to roll with it. Thankfully, that's the only sleep problem we've had- but still. We're bracing ourselves for anything when it comes to teething and telling ourselves to just be flexible and go with it. No need to be upset about something that's inevitable!

5. Bibs. Teething=drooling, so we keep Caleb in a bib almost all the time. Well, that and his ongoing tendency for spitting up {that my dr. swears will end eventually}. We have tons of them at this point and just about all of them do the trick!

And with only 2 of his 100 teeth that have to come in {I'm exaggerating- how many teeth does a kid really have??}, we've still got a looooong way to go with teething! So any and all tips you have for us are welcome! 

Disclosure: I received Nuby products for this post, but all opinions are my own.  We love Nuby in our house, and I’m excited to introduce you guys to all the great stuff they have for little ones!
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meme-and-he said...

Kenz didn't get her first tooth until 13 months. Now she is 18 months and has 10! It's been a doozy of a few months. I'm pretty quick to give her some medicine, especially before bed to help her sleep at night. Also, she loves chewing on cold carrots and celery.