Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursdays with Caleb. {16}

  Justin was unexpectedly out of town this past weekend, so Caleb and I spent lots of time together. Instead of canceling my plans for a girl's day with my mom and sister Saturday, I toted him along. And it's safe to say that Caleb loved having brunch, getting pedis, and shopping with the girls-even if it meant waking up from a nap early and skipping another entirely. He's generally a content kiddo, but was exceptionally happy that afternoon and charmed the pants off all the ladies at the nail salon. It was so fun! 
  That's happened a lot lately, actually. I think with winter being over, I'm taking advantage of every chance to get out of the house and that usually means making Caleb skip a nap. I'm always come prepared with lots to keep him busy, but babies are still unpredictable. Thankfully, he's such a champ about it. He rarely fusses and just sort of gets a little slap happy when he's tired, which is pretty adorable. It's made it a lot of fun to go on coffee dates with friends, out shopping, on walks, anything and everything to get out of the house and celebrate the end of winter hibernating!
  We've got a scooter on our hands! That, combined with his intense reaching has me thinking that he will in fact be on the move one day. He's also started to love swimming on his back in the tub. He'll frog kick from one end to the other and thinks it is so funny. 
  Gosh, I love that kid. 

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Allison said...

Good for you for not skipping your girl's day!! I've never thought about taking Aiden with me for a pedicure..maybe I should. Caleb is getting so big!