Monday, March 9, 2015

It's nearly Spring.

  It's Monday and I don't have anything terribly important to post about. I mean, the weather is killing it right now and we have basically tropical temperatures in our forecast. But I also kind of hate talking about the weather and comparing how much better/worse it is here versus there. So there's that. There's also the current state of my uterus, as it's going through it's monthly I hate you so much phase. I did, however, eat two of these very healthy but delicious non-cookie cookies for breakfast and am feeling pretty awesome about it. Oh, and my dog ate my favorite yoga pants and pj shorts over the weekend. Life is basically a mixed bag around these parts right now!
  Ha. But seriously. With Spring being this close to showing up in the Midwest, I'm feeling all the Spring feelings today. You know what I mean right? No one really loves winter {if you say you do, you're lying. You might appreciate it, but you don't LOVE it}, but I've yet to meet someone who hates spring time. It makes everything seem brighter and more possible and better. Like, all the sudden I don't hate my house as much. Ok, I never hated it. But you know what I'm saying- I see lots of possibility and excitement over spaces I'd long given up on. And all of the sudden Murphy's absolutely endless shedding of his winter coat seems, well, like maybe it's ending? At least its way less annoying because, hey, he was onto something and winter is actually over. I have the biggest urge to go through our house and purge all the clutter. I'm also feeling a lot hopeful about friendships and other life things on the horizon- which will definitely result in picking out and sending of some bright pieces of mail this week. And then there's the garden planning. You guys! It's time to start garden planning! 
  All of this randomness to say, my chewed up pants {thanks, Murphy} and weeklong need for Aleve {thanks, Uterus} can't get me down today. Too many things to be excited about! Spring is nearly here!

But seriously. I am in the market for some new comfy/affordable yoga pants. Suggestions? 

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Interprintations said...

Yay for Spring!

I've been meaning to place an order from Fabletics - they seem pretty affordable & have some cute options. Will let you know what I think. =)