Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursdays with Caleb. {12}

  I think I get it now why people say that every stage this their favorite. Because right now, I'm loving seven months. Caleb is getting so spunky! We've got lots of grunts and screams and squawks. And laughs! He doesn't belly laugh often, but he is constantly giggling to himself and banging his toys. He love, loves to eat and wants whatever we're eating. He will start fake crying if he's sees me with food or water and I don't give him a bite or drink. 
 We've also recommitted to tummy time and he love/hates it. He can now spin himself in a full circle while on his belly and does lots of weird moves when he tries to move his hips or reach or things. Lots of downward dog-like poses happening over here these days. Crawling will happen eventually, but for now I'm thoroughly enjoying my non-babyproofed house. 
  We're also working on self-feeding. Please, please notice his excitement over feeding himself avocados. He was SO happy about it. He can eat bananas, avocados, and large puffs. And the dogs have learned that means they get more treats so they are permanently planted by his highchair when he eats. So that's fun.
  The dr. gave Caleb a clean bill of health this week, so we were able to pack up his nebulizer and fill up our social calendar! That's meant an end of our quarantine- we got back to the gym, play dates, and can go back to church this week. Hooray!

And, you know, because she's so sweet. An adorable picture of Jersey...


Chelsea E. said...

He's just so cute! Is he finally feeling better? Also, is he drinking out of your camelbak?? We're struggling with the sippy cup transition. Molly just bites everything, but won't suck on them. We've found one that sort of works, but she has to be in the mood to make an effort for it. Side note: The only big giggles from Molly? Walter gets them. If he howls, she like loses her mind and thinks it's the funniest thing to ever happen. Sully and I? Not funny at all. ha.

Boldly Chic Planner said...

So glad that little love is better than ever! I can't get enough photos of him, ever.