Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Project life.

 I think I mentioned a little while ago that I've gotten into Project Life since Caleb was born. It's a really great and simple way to document life and keep track of all the things I don't want to forget without all the hassle of scrapbooking. But the last few months have been so busy and I just kept putting it off. So today and tomorrow you can find me here, making a massive mess around my table, rounding photo corners, filling out journaling cards, and adding a dozen pages to Caleb's book. I love love love the whole process and having the real, tangible photos. I order a huge stack each month and only use a handful in his book. So I make a habit to label every photo on the back and add to a big photo box. I'm on my way to being one of those people with 50lbs of photo albums and stacks and stacks of photo boxes when I'm older- and I love it. Do you Project Life? Any tips for me? I'm working through this pack right now, but have my eye on these pretties, too {here, here, here}!

This is a completely unsponsored post- I bought all my Project Life goods with my own money and just genuinely love it!


Too Many Brain Tabs said...

Love this! I keep seeing people mentioning Project Life all over the internet and I finally went to see what it's all about. I definitely might have to give this a try. Where do you usually get your photos printed, and do you print mostly phone pics, "real" camera pics or a combination? Any tips/advice for someone who hasn't been in the scrapbooking game for a looooong time (like, I made one in high school)? And also someone who is the worst at keeping photos in any way organized, digitally or physically? :-P

Allison said...

I need to look into Project Life because I miss scrapbooking so much and half of me thought I was done with it. I actually made a book through Shutterfly of Aiden's birth and first few weeks of life. I love how it turned out, but miss the actual spreading out and scrapbooking so I may look into this!! Tell me more! :)