Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Caleb. {six months}

  This post is so so so late, since Caleb is closer to seven than six months. But I still want to get it documented!
  A month or so ago, Chelsea told me to prepare myself because there is so much development that happens between 6-8 months. She was right! This was a big month for Caleb. We FINALLY got some real belly laughs of him. And there is absolutely no better sound in the world. He trucked on with solids and is a serious eater. Something clicked around 5 months, and now he loves to eat. He eats twice a day and has tried tons {we started with veggies and only just now started venturing into fruits}. We haven't found anything he doesn't like! We also wrapped up swim classes this month {they're free up to six months} and are taking a month or two off this winter before we move up a level. And, as if he knew it was his last month, Caleb finally starting reaching for the toys in the water! And splashing! But the biggest hit this month? Toes. For the longest time he couldn't get enough of his hands, but they have been replaced with toes in the mouth ALL THE TIME. He seemed interested in rolling to his belly for awhile, but once he found his toes that was forgotten. Now it's toes toes toes. He's not close to crawling, but does move his legs up to his belly and reach for things in front of him. 

  New this month:: eating more solids, moving legs up to belly, chewing on toes, giggling, reaching for dogs, in all 6 mo. clothes, first Thanksgiving, met mom & dad's college friends, first real baby sitter!

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