Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thursdays with Caleb. {8}

 So, I'm totally inconsistent with these posts. And its Wednesday, not Thursday. But I have a fun holiday DIY post for tomorrow so I'm just breaking all the rules around here today. Caleb has just been growing and changing like crazy lately, and I don't want to forget these days. 
  I had to look it up, but Caleb is 25 weeks old now! A few weeks ago Chelsea told me to brace myself, because Caleb was about to start developing like crazy {her little guy is a few months older}, and she was right! He's started to reach for me when he's laying down or someone is holding him- which pretty much melts my heart every single time. 
  We're also starting to see more and more personality develop. Caleb is almost strangely calm- so quiet and not super expressive. But that's changing! He is babbling like crazy and squealing and even fussing more! He absolutely loves his changing table and just wiggles and talks to himself the entire time he's laying there. Something has clicked with eating, too, and the kid loves food. He whines between every single bite- but it's a complete fake cry. 
  He's this close to rolling from back to belly, and teeters on his side while he holds onto his toes. He also is starting to love toys. Everything still goes straight to his mouth, but he is starting to really look at the pages of books and watch flashing lights. We're still working on sitting up. It doesn't last too long, but he's getting stronger and stronger. 
  And on an emotional note, I've been really sad lately thinking about how Caleb is nearly 6 months old. Not because he's growing too fast {he is!}. But because that means that sweet Oak passed away 6 months ago. While these last few months have been so full for me, Oak's mom has been walking through the unnatural grief that comes with losing a baby. You guys. I catch myself thinking of buying matching outfits for the boys or thinking about them together. And with the holiday season, I'm remembering him even more. And his mom. {Lauren, I doubt you're reading this, but if you are, I love you!}. And I'm trying to think of ways to celebrate and remember him and love on his parents well as Christmas approaches and his loss is sure to still sting {will it ever really not?}. Thoughts? How do you remember loved ones who've passed away during the holidays? How do you love on friends who are still walking through grief during the holidays? 

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