Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Favorite things. {a new tradition}

{We really, really struggle with remembering to take group photos. We're missing Jay in this one!}
 Another cooking club post! Are you shocked? Yeah, me neither. I honestly cannot say enough about those ladies. The best friends, encouragers, challengers, and bright spots in my week. We started a tradition last year of taking December off from cooking {but do we really cook all that much anymore really?}. Instead we went out together and decided to make it an annual thing. This year we added on a Favorite Things gift exchange. And oh my gosh, best decision ever. We chose a spending limit and all agreed to buy 5 of our very favorite thing right now. We met up at Mama Carolla's {if you love Italian and live in Indy, GO THERE NOW} for dinner. While we ate, we exchanged gifts and explained why we chose our gift. It was so, so much fun. We're already thinking of things to buy for next year! If it says anything about how much I loved it all, I currently have one candle burning {you can't burn both at once!}, a mug of my new tea, perfume in my atomizer, top coat on my nails, and new ideas jotted down in my notebook. So I'd say it was a successful Favorite Things exchange. But even more than that, the company last night was amazing. Our lives are busy these days {new babies, new husbands, work, holiday craziness}, so when we can all get together- it's extra special. There was so much laughter. So much laughter. And talk about holiday stresses. And babies. And honeymoons. So here's where I do it- plug cooking club. Do you have intentional community around you? Not people you see sometimes when your calendars work out {they never do.} Not community that lives across the state or country and you love but never really see. Not community that is only a phone call away {do you ever really call?}. But real, honest, regular and consistent community that you make an effort on. Do you have that? If not, fight for it. Make it happen. You probably don't even realize how much you need it, but you do. And if you do have it, hug those people this Christmas. Remind them how thankful for them you are! 
  And now, because I love it all so much- here are our Favorite Things goodies!

   Have you done a Favorite Things exchange before? What would you include? I'd love to hear- I'm always on the hunt for good gifts! What traditions do you have with friends that you look forward to ever year?

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