Monday, November 3, 2014


  Are you sick of me talking about Cooking Club yet? It seems like I mention it all the time, but I can't really explain what sweet, unexpected friendships it has developed. We've moved so far past just sharing recipes and apologizing for how our food might taste or how cluttered our home might look and into real, deep community. And goodness, do I love those ladies.
  Which brings me to Saturday morning. Kate, Liz {HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!}, Chelsea and I all grabbed some warm Starbucks {it was SO cold!} and headed downtown to cheer on Meg. SHE RAN A FREAKING MARATHON. So yeah, that's impressive. She's been training for months and we've heard all about the challenges and excitement and anxiety that comes along with preparing for such a big feat. And we knew we had to be there to cheer her on. We waited around mile 17 for her and were able to hug her and take her jacket and tell her how awesome she was doing. Maybe it was helpful for her to see us and know she's loved and supported, and I hope so. But really, I think we were the ones who got the most out of it. As she ran away, you should have seen us. We were beaming like proud moms and just kept repeating cheesy {but totally true} things like "She is so strong!" "I'm SO proud of her!" "She's such an inspiration!" We couldn't stop. Seeing her in such good spirits and going so strong with almost 10 miles ahead of her and pushing through pain we knew she'd been battling- it really was amazing. 
  But that's why I love those ladies so much. We are all really different {there's no chance you'll find me running a marathon, ever} but we challenge each other. Crazy things happen when you surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you. So here's my regular reminder to do it. To move outside your comfort zone and find/work for/develop deep community right where you are. 

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Caitlin Roth said...

Don't mind me, just crying over here because that post is the sweetest. WAY TO GO MEG!! GO COOKING CLUB! love you people!