Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursdays with Caleb. {7}

 Holy crap, Caleb has been developing like crazy these past couple weeks! Right after his 4 month appointment, he started having trouble sleeping at night and would wake up once or twice and not be able to put himself back to sleep. It only lasted for about a week and about as soon as it stopped, he started grabbing his legs and toes! He also teeters on his back and is getting closer to rolling to his belly!
  Other big development? We've started solids! I know everyone has different opinions on when to start and what to start with {and tempted to share their unwarranted advice}, but our pediatrician recommended it and Caleb seemed ready. We did rice cereal for a week and he seemed to like it, but that stuff is the worst! It dries like paste and gets all over. So this week we introduced oatmeal and Caleb is HOOKED. Kid loves to eat and gets whiny and wiggly if I don't reload the spoon quick enough. It's so much fun! In the next week or so I'll probably try avocados and start venturing into other vegetables. Riveting stuff, I know!
  We're also working ridiculously hard on getting this kid to giggle. Lots of airplane playing, silly faces, and tickles. I've been getting more whole-face grins and squeaks, but no real giggles yet! Giggle by Christmas, that's my motto. 

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