Monday, November 17, 2014

Baby besties.

  5 months after Caleb was born and 2 1/2 months after Ezra was born, the boys finally met! Chicago and Indy have never felt further away than these last few months as we've watched our little guys grow up over social media and trying to find a place on the calendar to plan a get-together. The stars aligned and Gretchen and Kevin so sweetly made the trek to our house this weekend! There's a chance we planned for them to wear coordinating Rick Ross onesies {Thanks Dave & MB!} and made a special trip to Target just so they would have matching pj's. And then we decided the matching pj's will just have a to be a tradition. Because what's cuter than babies in matching footed pajamas?! Also, Rick Ross himself liked the babies' photo on instagram! You better believe we'll be bragging about that to them when they're older. 
  It was a wonderful weekend. Easy and slow and nothing crazy. Just really, really sweet to meet the little guys and hold each other's baby. And to see our sweet boys together and talk about how they'll be roommates on Penthouse one day {where their dads met!}. It seems like the boys were extra excited, because neither one seemed to want to take full naps. We just chalked it up to FOMO. 
  It's so special to have friends who love on our baby well and for us to have chances to do the same for them. We're thankful that Kevin and Gretchen made the trip to see us and we are already counting down the days until we get together again and with the whole group of our college friends for a wedding next month. Life is busy and full, but carving out time for weekends with friends will always be a priority!


Beth said...

oh my goodness! the matching pjs and the pictures of them falling all over the place is the best! So many baby boys! they look so adorable!

Carla Brady said...

those two babies look just like theri dads. Too funny!