Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The perfect rug. {LoLoi}


 I knew I had to have a rug for Caleb's room, because the perfect rug makes any space look finished and a bit more put together. It is the best finishing touch you can put on any room. But it took me lots of searching to find one that was just right. I loved the idea of a fun pattern, but didn't want to clash with the stenciled wall. I loved the idea of bright colors, but didn't want it to end up looking like a clown room. I also wanted one that was soft enough for Caleb to play or crawl around on {one day!}. Add those things up, and you have a pretty serious rug challenge. 
  Enter Loloi's Piper collection. Oh. My. Gosh. My first instinct was to order a super cute patterned one or stripes or even a fun herringbone one. But after sending Julie some photos of our little guy's room and getting her professional design opinion {no, seriously. She does this for a living!}, I landed on a really simple green rug
  And it's perfect. When it arrived at the house {with the fastest shipping ever!}, Justin and I both kind of flipped out over how soft it is. If you've been over to my house in the last few months, I've probably made you walk on it just to see your reaction. This thing is hands down the softest rug I've ever felt. The size is just right for Caleb's room and I'm so glad I took Julie's advice to go with this simple design. It really grounds the room and adds a little more character without overwhelming the space. We needed something on the floor and this works wonderfully.
  After we read our afternoon book, Caleb and I usually spend some time playing on the floor in his room every day. In pretty much every other room of our house I lay a blanket down for him because of our scratchy carpet. But not in this room- his Loloi rug is perfect for tummy time and practicing his rolls. 
  I love this rug so much, I've started a rather long list of other designs from Loloi that I want to add to our bedroom, entryway, bonus room, and guest room. The Piper Collection is contemporary and perfect for a kid's room- but for any other room in my house, too. They have this navy striped rug that would look so good in either our guest room or master. Think I can convince Justin to let me buy it? 
  If you're on the hunt for a cute new rug, be sure to check out Loloi! Facebook//Instagram

While this is a sponsored blog post and I received a rug from Loloi, the opinions and photos are all mine!

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