Monday, October 27, 2014

A blog post about my dog.

...because she had a birthday this weekend! Jersey turned 4 on Saturday! The tradition in our house is to make our go-to carrot {dog} cake for her birthday and Murph's adoptaversary. Justin thinks its a bit ridiculous, but I love it. She devoured the cake in seconds and is making a good dent on her birthday bone {we only let her have it for a little bit at a time}. We also got in two really, really good walks with her over the weekend.
  I love this little pup. She's a bit wild, but has calmed down so much over the last 4 years. She's is fiercely sweet and attached to us. She sleeps under the covers and shares my pillow at night, and I love it. The best way to describe her is balls to the wall. In everything. She plays hard, cuddles intensely, eats with passion, and just does everything and anything will all she has. Such a big personality for such a little pup {for a weim, at least}. Happy birthday, Jersey! 

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Chelsea E. said...

So glad you're still a crazy dog lady too! Love seeing all the pictures of Caleb, but I so love seeing the dogs too!