Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday walks.

  October is one of those months when I feel pretty proud of Indiana. It gets all showy with it's perfect weather and colorful trees. And like everyone else, I just love Fall. I was thinking about it the other day and I decided why Fall gets all this hoopla. It's like we know this bearable weather is fleeting and our days to be outside are numbered, so we want to soak every single pumpkin-flavored drop of goodness out of Fall before Winter rushes in too fast and stays too long. At least that's how I feel. Which is why we ventured out on a long family walk yesterday, to soak up these days before we're cooped up inside. I also really love this long trail by our house and tired dogs and exercising with my husband, so it was a win on all counts. Not my favorite? A baby who decides to skip his nap in lieu of staring at the treetops and is fussy later on. You win some, you lose some.
  And on a related note, we bought a GoPro! {related only because these photos were taken with it...} But we're still pretty clueless. We have a handful of random videos from a morning round of golf and driving to the airport and some faraway photos from our family walk. Clearly, we have some learning to do. Anyone have any tips for us? Must have accessories? Video editing wisdom? We're as clueless as it gets when it comes to these things...

ps. Stick around this week! I'm sharing Caleb's nursery {finally} and the super fun Holiday Gift Guide starts on Wednesday! 

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