Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Caleb. {birth announcements}

 I wasn't sure if I really wanted to send out birth announcements after Caleb was born, but then I saw a super cute design floating around the interwebs and our photographer captured the sweetest photo of him in his crib and I was convinced. 
  This is where I have to stop and talk about how blessed we are to have so many crazy talented family and friends. I am so not creative or skilled at making or putting together really cool things, so I'm always blown away by how my sister can throw the best parties or my other sister can design the pants off paper goods. 
  Cari offered to design and print Caleb's birth announcements as a gift to us and was able to recreate the design I had in my head {that I totally saw on the interwebs somewhere, but don't have a source!}. She's also crazy talented at creating her own designs and I can't wait to enlist her for designing our family Christmas cards. 
  I mean, come on. How cute is that announcement? I know I'm biased because he's my child and my sister made them. But seriously! And she had these perfect envelopes to match the colors on the card. I looooove them. Like have plans to frame one and put up in his room. 
  So, moral of the story. Don't hesitate to give into the cheesy nature of birth announcements. And if you need a super talented someone to design some for you {or Christmas cards or any stationary at all!} check out Cari's shop

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Allison said...

So, so cute!! Your sister did a great job and of course the model is just adorable. :)