Monday, September 22, 2014

Whole30. {week 3}


  Homestretch! It's day 21, so only 9 left before I an eat all the thing! Hooray!
  This week was probably our roughest. I was busy working on making over our bathroom and taking a day trip to visit my mom. That meant basically no meal prep all week, since Caleb's naptimes were consumed with other things. That led to use just feeling grumpy and super unmotivated to stick with it this week. The main motivator at this point is how we look and feel. Justin has for sure dropped weight and I was able to comfortably wear shorts yesterday that had been feeling pretty snug before this month. We took before photos, so it will be fun to see any differences when this is over. 
  We had family visiting again this weekend and before they even arrived, I wanted to cheat. We did have some bbq sauce, but other than did a great job sticking with it! And after a pretty successful weekend, it seems like we've got a second wind are are ready to tackle it again this week. It's our last full week {we're done next Wednesday!}, so it really does feel good to be in the single digit countdown. I have a bachelorette party this weekend and plan to cheat a little with a cocktail, because, life is worth living, you know? But, I will try to refrain from all the delicious desserts {my weakness}. 
  So, like I said, we didn't do much meal prep this week. That meant a lot of just making do for lunches and suppers. But we did still stumble on a few good finds. Not included are the cauliflower 'breadsticks' I made- THEY WERE THE WORST. I honestly think that some of the people who blog about these things are just lying. Or don't have taste buds. 

//zoodles// {zucchini noodles} Justin would tell you he didn't love these, but could stand them covered in a meat-filled marinara sauce. I, on the other hand, really liked them!

//creamy chicken soup// So, I kind of didn't like this when I first made it on Sunday. But when I reheated it later in the week for lunch and added avocado and bacon, it was pretty good. Not as good as the tomato soup I made earlier in the month, but still good. And so full of good veggies, it's worth eating, even after Whole30 is over. 

//berry crisp// Holy ish. I should have tried this on day one, because it's the closest thing to a real dessert that I've found so far. We made it this weekend and I subbed a bag of frozen berries for the apples that the recipe originally calls for. And it was actually really good! I plan on making a couple batches this week to get me through my sugar cravings and another huge batch for the upcoming bachelorette party!

//staples// I ate a lot of tilapia last week, and this week it was all about shrimp. It's so fast and easy to make. And of course, sweet potato fries. I really just love them! No lie when I say I'm not sick of them at all all. And of course, we still really really love our buffalo chicken stuffed peppers. We've made them every week so far!

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