Monday, September 8, 2014

Whole30. {update}

   We're a week into Whole30 and still alive! Real talk? It's actually been fun! We've found new recipes we really love and haven't gotten into the rut of eating eggs all day every day. I'm sure it will come, but we're not miserable or bored yet. I think most of that has to do with all the research, planning, and meal prep we put into the beginning. I spent a few hours in the kitchen before we started and then probably 1-3 hrs in the kitchen each day last week. So, a lot of work. It's fun for me, but I'm not sure how feasible it would be if I weren't home all day. 
  After reading about others' experiences, I've been super paranoid about losing my milk supply. After great tips from friends who have done it, being super proactive, and I think just having a really good supply to begin with- I think I'm in the clear! That means that I'm not sticking 100% to the Whole30 plan- it discourages snacking; I have to eat basically all day, it discourages too many potatoes and fruit; those are the good fats and sugars I need to keep feeding another human. But I'm ok with it. Feeding Caleb is more important than being 100% compliant. {if you're breastfeeding and thinking about doing Whole30, let me know! I've got tips for you!}
  On that note, we've also made peace with our SWYPO {google it} shortcuts. Whole30 talks a lot about not 'tricking' your mind into thinking you're eating the real thing, even if you're using approved ingredients {baked goods, desserts, tortillas, fries, etc}. We aren't doing this to revolutionize our eating, but more to kickstart healthy changes and find new healthy foods we like. So, I'm ok with eating sweet potato fries {holy delicious!} and egg pizza bites and cocoa Larabar bites. I know they aren't the real thing, and I fully intend to have the real things once this month is up {in moderation, of course}. So there's that. At the end of the day, even if we take shortcuts, we are still eating so much better than before. That's a win for us.
  Ok, now for my favorite part. I kind of arbitrarily made our menu last week, crossing my fingers we could find a least one thing we liked. It takes a lot to impress Justin and even more for him to actually feel satisfied {and not slighted} when eating healthy. We actually found tons of recipes we love and fully plan to keep in our dinner rotation long after Whole30! Here are some of our favorites so far:

Buffalo ranch chicken stuffed peppers:: Stop it. Even if you have zero interest in Whole30, try these. They are SO good!

Bbq pork sliders:: yum! I was a little skeptical about making this sauce without sugar, but it's not bad. I also just love pulled pork these days, and it was another filling meal.

Egg pizza bites:: Ok, so calling these pizza bites is a little deceiving but the best way to describe them. They are delicious and so easy to grab from the fridge and pop in the microwave instead of making a whole breakfast from scratch every morning. Justin was most impressed by these!

Mason jar salads:: these are super trendy right now, but for a good reason. You can prep them at the beginning of the week and they stay fresh for days. 

Creamy tomato soup:: A good way to get in fresh veggies and get full fast. This soup is SO good and I still have some left for this week.

Sweet potatoes:: Let's talk. I used to think I hated sweet potatoes. I really dislike sweet things outside of desserts, but who knew you could make these so savory? My favorite way to eat them is cut up as thin shoestring fries, tossed in evoo, and seasoned with paprika, garlic, sea salt, and pepper. Bake at 450 for 20 minutes on a parchment lined baking sheet, flipping halfway through. I also really love them for breakfast, shredded and seasoned the same way {there is just something about paprika that makes them amazing!}. We also like them sliced into 1/4 in. round baked slider buns. Basically sweet potatoes every single day. No exaggeration.

Larabar bites:: The closest thing to a sweet treat I've found so far! I love sweets {and totally deserve a gold star or something for not indulging in cake at the wedding I worked this weekend}, so these are a must for me. AP gave me the recipe for these and you can find them on her instagram here

Also, I know my plates usually look pretty empty. But rest assured, I'm eating plenty. I snack on almonds and fruit and veggies all day long. And we follow up every dinner with salad or a big bowl of fruit. I am never starving and almost always really full, in a good way. 
  So, week 1 down and onto week 2. I'm excited about the new recipes we've got lined up and making some of our favs again. Also, the sweet potato fries in my very near future. Gosh, I'm obsessed. 

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