Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursdays with Caleb. {4}

  11 weeks! My baby is 11 weeks old! See that last photo up there? Caleb at 7 weeks vs. 11 weeks. I'd say we're making some progress on the chunking up front, wouldn't you? I mean, baby man boobs. Cheeks. And that belly! 
  In the last two weeks Caleb has started to smile so much more. We don't have to work nearly as hard for them and they are too stinkin cute. We've also been really busy which equals less time at home and more time napping in the car, stroller, or snuggling with family. Read: spoiled! So we're sort of holing up for a couple weeks and doing a napping boot camp of sorts {aka reminding Caleb he can go to sleep on his own!}. So there's that. 
  It's just so crazy to me how fast he's growing. And how fun he is. We love our morning walks and afternoon books. I tried reading Curious George to him last week and he kindly let me know that the shorter, more colorful board books are his thing. He's also discovered the TV, so there's that.
  And after our mini vacation last weekend, we're really settling into this mom-baby gig. This is about the time I would have gone back to work, so you could say the maternity leave mindset has faded and it really seems like this is my new normal. And I really do love it. I honestly wasn't sure how I'd feel before Caleb was born, but now I know this is just what I'm made for right now. Days with Caleb. 

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