Monday, September 29, 2014


  On Friday night I was able to help celebrate one of my favorite ladies. Liz and I went to college together, but it wasn't until after we both ended up in Indy that we became good friends. I think it all started when we just scheduled a coffee date, sort of on a whim, and hit it off immediately. Then we joined cooking club together and, well, the rest is history. Our friendships is one of my favorites and it reminds me that relationships in adulthood look different- they don't just happen to you. You have to work to make them happen. We both thought 'hey, I could be friends with her' and then did something {coffee date!} to make it happen. I'm so glad we did!
  And over the past year, it has been so fun to watch her fall in love with Ryan. To hear about their first date and saying I love you and hopes for a Fall wedding. And now it's happening! 
  It was probably one of my favorite low key bachelorette parties ever. Really good friends, good food, good drinks, and good conversation {and lots of fun facts about sex}. We met up at Divvy for small bites and then headed back to Meg's house for drinks and desserts {and a movie that we never got to, because, well we're a very chatty bunch!}. 
  So here's to you, Liz! I am more thankful for your friendship than you probably realize. You and Ryan make such a wonderful couple and I think I speak for all of the girls when I say we can't wait to continue the celebration with you in November! xo

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