Monday, August 18, 2014


 I love brunch. So trendy of me, right? I'm cool like that. Ha. Really, I just love food and an excuse to squeeze in an extra meal in my days. Sure, brunch in technically supposed to take the place of breakfast and lunch. But it turns out that when you're feeding another human with your own body, you're hungry for all the things, all the time. And you look for every and any excuse to eat extra meals. Enter brunch. And my all-time favorite brunch place. Guys, it is so delicious. I love it so much that in his 9 short weeks of life, my child has been there no less than 5 times. I know. Awesome, right? ok so maybe that's a bit extreme, sue me.
  But I'm not really sure why I went off on that tangent because I'm actually writing about how Justin {husband of the year!} took me there last week, bright and early, before he went into work. It was sort of an early birthday celebration and it was really simple and special. We almost had the place to ourselves, Caleb was happy as a pig in mud, and the food was delish. Since we do usually go for brunch and never before 8am, it was kind of a treat to ease into our day together. Justin joked that it was odd, since the first person he usually talks to each day is whoever he steps onto the elevator at work with. And, well, I talk to Caleb, but it turns out babies are rude and don't really like to talk back. So, he had his omlette and I had my crepe and we talked about how cute our baby is and how great the football-like weather was and how great it was to still get out the house and do these normal types of things even though we have a baby. Not that having a baby means your life stops, but I think we both kind of worried it might, you know? 
  So anyways, last week we went to my favorite brunch place for breakfast and it was just really wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that we may have ended up there again this morning...


Legally Lovely said...

babies and brunch!! sounds like a great plan, always.

there aren't really any good brunch places where I live now, which is kind of a bummer. when I lived in Louisville, there were SO MANY great brunch options, but it's not as common in my small town, I guess? boooooo.

Ana said...

Ah You made laugh! You're funny :D
I'm also always up for any excuse to have an extra meal ;)
I think you look love it here where I live actually. A huge variate of yummy shops^^
Caleb is so adorable. Congratulations you both have a beautiful baby boy! Oh that little nose