Thursday, July 31, 2014


  When I wrote this post, I mentioned not wanting to lose myself in being a mom, even on this blog. In an effort to really stay true to that, I'm deeming Thursday's the day for blogging about any and all things Caleb. I mean, he's so stinking cute and this could easily become his online baby book. But I'm more than a mom and have more to say than just mom things. And, you don't want to read about him every single day, do you? My guess is that some of the people that read this blog aren't in the same season of life that I am. Or maybe that want to be, but seeing babies and new moms is pretty hard for right now {been there, done that}. So for me and for you, we'll just keep baby and Caleb things to Thursdays. For the most part, because, you know, I can't completely compartmentalize my life. But four days a week, I'll mostly talk about gardening and baking and Jesus, and yes, my dogs. Goodness gracious, I do love my dogs. Maybe they'll get their own day for blogging? Too much? That would probably put me in the crazy dog lover category. But I'm still considering it...

Oh hey! Since it is Thursday, I may as well actually include Caleb in this post.

Maybe we'll call this Photo-dump Thursdays? I take SO many pictures of this guy. 

  He's starting to slowly chunk up and I love it. Is there anything cuter than baby fat rolls? I'm also having tons of fun dressing him these days since he's outgrowing NB clothes and can wear a few 0-3 months things.
  Last week, Caleb went 6 hours between feedings at night and I honestly woke up wondering if he was still breathing! It was kind of glorious. He spent the rest of the week going 5 hours. Waking up once at night {around 3:30ish} is pretty nice. Caleb must not agree with me though, because this week he's back to eating twice a night. I can't really complain, because I'm still getting tons of sleep. But, sweet child, I know you can sleep longer! His first feeding is always pretty short, so hopefully he will fully phases it out soon.
  My most favorite part of the day is after I get him up at 7am. He's in a short milk coma after he eats, but then he's wide awake and alert for about an hour. The rest of the day I try to play with him or read or let him hang out on his activity mat, but in the morning we just sit and chat. A few times this week he's even cracked a non-gas related smile! I can't wait until he's smiling more, he's such a serious baby. 
  I'm trying hard to soak up every day with him, since I know this little baby phase goes too fast. Writing it down and printing off photos and filing his baby book are really important to me. I don't want to forget how sweet it all is! 

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megan said...

He is so adorable!