Wednesday, July 30, 2014



  Now that my days aren't scheduled for me, I find myself really needing a routine. I mostly still feel like I'm on fun maternity leave/vacation, but you know, 6 weeks in and that's fading. I need to feel productive, even if that just means having a clean house and a happy baby. Caleb is actually putting me to shame with this since he made up his own consistent routine 3 weeks ago. How rude of him, making me look bad. Clearly I have a one-upper on my hands here. Ha! But really, I don't have an excuse for not getting into some sort of routine since I can predict when Caleb eats, plays, and sleeps. It's just that  it's so much more fun to watch Dawson's Creek and pick flowers from the garden and eat. 
Oh my gosh, I am always eating these days. Why did no one tell me how hungry I would be while breastfeeding?!?!
  So that's my main goal for August. To set a routine of exercising, devotions, cleaning, and showering. Because if I don't put it on the list, I may or may not shower every day. And since I know how interested you are {if that's interesting to you, maybe you need to get into a more productive routine, too?}, check back soon for a riveting update! Or don't check back, but I'll be blogging about it because it's the kind of accountability I need to actually make it happen.

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Chelsea E. said...

Umm I want all the food all the time. I have a box of granola bars on my nightstand for our night feedings because I feel like I'm going to gnaw off my own arm if I don't have a snack.