Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New mom {must haves}.

{photo by Sara Ackermann}

  There are probably a hundred posts about pregnancy or newborn must-have's. You know, with favorite pregnancy and baby gear. So, why not add my own to the mix? Similar, but different. This one is focus on new moms. During these first few weeks with Caleb, I've found a handful of things to be invaluable. Yes, I do have a particular baby carrier I love and putting Caleb to sleep in his own room from the very beginning has been such a blessing. Those aren't the things on my list, though. {shoot me an email if you are interested in that kind of list!} I wanted to share the non-baby gear things that, as a brand new mom, I'm loving. Maybe these will help you, too? Or maybe you have some things I should add to my list?

//a great pediatrician. Well, duh, right? This seems like a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning. We love our pediatrician. We chose her based off of lots of recommendations from friends, but hadn't met her until a few hours after Caleb was born {at 6am, when we were both trying to squeeze in some sleep and our baby was in the nursery- parents of the year.} We hit the jackpot with her. She is so, so reassuring but honest. When I had a mini breakdown in her office {well, with the NP} while I was battling mastitis {high fever, chills, body aches} and feeling like a terrible new mom- she stopped me on my way out of the office and gave me a big hug. And let me know I'm doing great and so is Caleb and that I would get through it- and she was right. I don't know, maybe all doctor's are that kind. But either way, she has been key in reassuring all my new mom emotions and concerns about our baby.

//worship music.{my current go-to is Rend Collective pandora station} The hospital isn't the most peaceful place, nor is hosting visitors and adjusting to parenthood after coming home from the hospital. Because of that, I found that I love the time Caleb and I get while I nurse him. Really early on {our first night together maybe?} I found that playing worship music was relaxing for both of us. It gave me a chance to take time to pray and just unwind from all the busyness and goings on. Now that we're home and in a good groove with nursing, I still love to put this station on. Some mornings I don't crawl out of bed early enough to get time in the Word, and on those days I especially love my quiet time with Jesus and Caleb and worship music. 

//food. No matter what season of life I find myself in, food always seems so important. Adjusting to parenthood has been no exception. Between my mom stocking our freezer with treats and homemade meals, goodies from my cooking club ladies, and our amazing friends and family who have jumped on this website {if you know someone having a baby, sign them up for this!!!} to bring us meals these last few weeks- we haven't really had to make a single meal since coming home from the hospital. This has been such a blessing, especially since Justin's been back at work. He only gets a few hours with Caleb each day, so coming home to a delicious homecooked meal is really special. 

//friends. Having a small handful of friends {who are also moms} has been so helpful for me. When I was worried about jaundice or cluster feeding or just wanted someone to talk about newborn things with- this has been so great. Not everyone wants to hear about your hormones or how your baby is already outgrowing some of his clothes and it has you feeling a little emotional. 

//getting out. I'm sure everyone is different, but I have loved regaining a sense of normalcy pretty quickly. I love, love, love hanging out with Caleb all day and I'm glad that, from the beginning, Justin and I have tried to keep doing our regular life things with Caleb. I've gotten out on my own without Caleb a few times a week- Caleb has been to Target, the mall, the tire store, the park, etc. It does me a world of good to be out and about- especially to exercise! 

//time with Justin. In the first week or so, it was hard to find time alone with Justin. Between visitors and time in the hospital, we were just rarely alone. Once the dust kind of settled, though, it has been so nice. We both really need regular time to connect and just be together. Some nights after Caleb is in bed and we're both more than tired, we still stay up talking. We have our first date without Caleb next week {our 5 year anniversary!}, and I am so looking forward to it. It is really important to us both that we not lose each other in our new roles as parents. It just seems like if we keep investing in our relationship and making it a priority, we'll be better parents to Caleb, you know?

What did you find to be lifesaving in the first days and weeks with a newborn? Anything I should add to my list?


Chelsea E. said...

Not all doctors are that kind. That woman is a saint. DO NOT let her go!! Trust me, I've seen some really "special" doctors. She's a keeper!!

How great about your date for your 5 year anniversary! I think it's so important to maintain that normalcy and keep your marriage a priority (says the lady with no baby...). It's something I really hope we can do though!

Also, go ahead and expect some overly emotional emails from me once our baby arrives! I will need all the support I can get! So happy for you guys!

Lauren said...

A great list for any parent-to-be to read! I love the bit about the worship music. Rend Collective is my favorite Pandora station too, but I never thought about sharing it with the baby. Definitely makes the time more special:-)