Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First bath.

   Caleb loves bath time. We both kind of held our breath before his first bath. We'd never really heard him wail at that point and kind of braced ourselves for a baby who hates bathtime. He really doesn't like being stripped down, but as soon as we dip his little bum in the warm water he calms down and completely relaxes through his entire bath. I keep the water running the whole time {our 4moms tub drains dirty water while letting clean in and tells us if the water is too hot or cold} so it stays just the right temperature for him. Knock on wood, he hasn't pooped yet and we've only had one peeing-in-the-tub incident. 
   It's crazy how you just settle into being a parent. Before Caleb was born, Justin and I never really talked about how we'd tackle the little things like bath time. When it came time for his first bath though, we both kind of just figured it out and have stuck to the same routine ever since. Justin gets Caleb out of his outfit and diaper while I get the gather up all the bath stuff and warm the water. Once the water is warm enough, but not too warm, Justin holds Caleb's head while he sits in his 4moms bathtub and I start rinsing and washing him. As soon as we're all done, Justin dries him off, lotions him up, and gets him in his pjs while I put the bath stuffs away and empty the tub. I know it seems silly, but doing this little thing with Justin and seeing him just jump into dad mode so smoothly really melts my heart. We do baths about every other day {to keep Caleb's cradle cap at bay} and I honestly look forward to those nights.

  I was provided a 4moms Infant tub to try, but opinions are completely my own. To see for yourself how great this tub is {regulates water temp, drains dirty water while letting clean in, super lightweight, fits in sink or tub...the list goes on!} watch this video

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Emily Carnes said...

I've never heard of that tub before--such a cool feature for new parents!

He is just the cutest--I can't get over his cute little face!