Thursday, June 12, 2014

37 weeks.

   We're on the homestretch now. Justin has a work day scheduled for Saturday to knock out some essential before-baby tasks that he just hasn't had time for these last few months. My to-do list is pretty small, so I'll just hang around for moral support! We found out at my appointment this week that I'm making a little progress {though what does that really mean? This guy could totally decide to come super late} and I'm on a mission to walk as much as possible these last few weeks. Partly to stay in shape and stay sane, and partly to help him get his butt in gear. If that's even a thing. I'm willing to try!
  My prayers this week are pretty much the same as last- focused on navigating the postpartum. I find myself spending a lot of time praying specifically for balance, you know? When we toured the hospital last week, we learned about their intentional visiting hours- 11am-8pm. The nurse shared that they found it so very helpful for new parents to have that protected, private time to wind down each evening and tackle those long nights while having sweet time to get the next day started- all with a break between visitors. I love that! Because the more we talk and think about it, Justin and I really are so excited to spend time with our family and friends and new little guy. What could be more exciting?? At the same time, we so desire a balance. Those visiting hours seem like the perfect precedent to having full days with loved ones doting on our baby while still giving us sweet moments as a family of three in our first days and weeks with a newborn. But, we can't stay in the hospital forever and it's a bit awkward to impose 'visiting hours' on family and friends once we're at home, you know? How would one even go about that without seeming a bit crazy?! Instead, I have found myself praying this week that it kind of just shakes out like that. That God gives us some protected time each evening and in those sweet morning hours to find our rhythms as a new family of three before we fill our days with the best kinds of community. After talking with my sisters and mom this weekend, I feel really blessed to have family on board with those desires! I love that we'll have afternoons and evenings to look forward to sharing meals and our new baby with them, while still having sweet times just the three of us that first week, too.

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