Friday, June 6, 2014

36 weeks.

  It is just so crazy that we're already at this point and our little guy could come any day now. We're pretty much ready, with our hospital tour and nailing down a pediatrician finished this week. All that's left is to soak up these last days/weeks before baby and wait. And grow. My belly is growing exponentially these days.
  I've found myself spending a lot of time this week praying for postpartum. Physically and relationally. I've heard from so many that postpartum is anything but glamorous, especially when combined when the overwhelming new task of caring for a newborn. And stream of visitors. I'm just not sure what to expect when it comes to my physical recovery, you know? On the relational side of postpartum, I'm an introvert. I love, love people and am really excited to introduce our little guy to family and friends who are sure to love him so well. But, I also know that I become overwhelmed so easily. And Justin only has a short time at home with us before going back to work.  I'm praying for balance of time with loved ones and rest as a new family of 3 in those first weeks we're home with our new baby. I don't know what that looks like, but I've been praying specifically that Justin and I will be able to rest together with our new baby while still intentionally having time with those who love us most. And, on a similar note, I'm praying against unsolicited advice. Gosh, I know the community of friends and family we have around us have a wealth of knowledge about newborns and parenting. But, honestly? I'm really excited for Justin and I to figure it out on our own a little bit. To try things and probably {definitely} make mistakes. For years to come. And to gently go to the wise people in our life, in our own time, and seek out their wisdom. But you know how tempting it is for others to give advice, even if they haven't been asked, right? I've already learned that through this pregnancy. Strangers, co-workers, parents of the kids I work with, friends, and family- everyone is so excited to share advice and it is always {well, most of the time} so well-intended. When I think of our parents, though, and my sisters and close friends, I love how they all had the really sweet {and sometimes stressful} chance to try parenthood on their own. To learn their babies and kids and parenting styles without too much interjection from others. And to seek advice when they really needed it. I'm excited to have the chance to do that with Justin as we raise our son, you know?
  So, lots of praying happening this week. And still, lots of grieving with my sweet friends. I said it last week, but this all seems like the epitome of bitter-sweetness. And there is so much tension in the bitter-sweetness. So I just keep praying, you know?

How did you handle postpartum and the balancing act of wanting to soak up time as a new family while still sharing the time with loved ones? Did you have lots of unsolicited advice come your way after baby arrived? Do share! 


Chelsea E. said...

You look so great!! And, isn't having your hospital bag packed crazy? I have mine like 75% packed. I need to throw in my camera/lenses, snacks and a few other things. I packed my diaper bag yesterday and it made everything feel so real! So excited to hear that sweet little boy's name, and I totally feel you on the unsolicited advice. As much as I'm freaking out about the whole moving right after the baby comes thing, it's also nice we won't have any visitors trying to "help" us parent. I'm confident that the two of us will figure it out, and I'm excited to have that time just the two of us (as stressful as I'm sure it will be). And, as we've discussed, I get overwhelmed by people too, so I totally get that! I've been thinking a lot about our relationship after too! It worries me just because I don't know how long we'll have after he gets home to go through our normal (stressful) transition of getting used to each other again before we'll be thrown into parenthood! I'll end the novel now! Thinking of you friend!! :)

Ashleigh said...

You look great mamma.. Cannot wait to see that sweet baby boy :)

Holly Osbeck said...

You look so beautiful! I can't wait for you guys, and I'll be praying in the middle of the night for you all ;) The unwanted advice just now started coming...or maybe the unwanted way it was presented. No matter what YOU know your baby best as you trial and error things. You will be a fantastic momma, Katie!

Megan Templeman said...

Katie you look so great! I have been reading your posts and so happy for you. You will make such a great momma. I was the same way when I had my first baby that I just wanted to figure it out on our own. I wanted to show Marshall off to everyone but kindly found ways to not have people stay too long and kindly declined too much help from my family. Such an exciting and overwhelming time!

Allison said...

Love, love, love your outfit! And that second to last picture of your pups looking up at you is too cute! So excited for you. Can't believe bags are's almost go time! Ah!