Monday, April 21, 2014

29 weeks.

 I think I say this every week now, but time is absolutely flying. 11 weeks until our due date and so much fun stuff is on the calendar between now and then! We did some last touch ups on our nursery project this weekend, but other than that {and deciding on a nursery chair!}, it's pretty much finished. Next weekend is our baby shower, and I'm really excited! I mentioned last week that I have a few really irrational fears about this pregnancy, and no one coming to my baby shower is one of them. Silly, I know! But still, I'm thankful that a handful of my favorite people will be there to celebrate this little guy with me.
  I think I'm finally coming to terms with hanging up my running shoes until Fall. I've gone on lots and lots of walks lately {including a 5k last weekend} and just moving feels good these days. I find myself feeling a bit more pregnant lately; I get up a bit slower, varicose veins are starting to pop up {read: nightly foot-propping sessions}, and sleep is starting to become a thing of the past. Also, I'm kind of losing my mind without even realizing it. Case in point, I just stocked up on a lot of dresses for the summer and realized I unintentionally bought the same dress twice. The exact same dress. I had been looking at it online and then bought it in the store {Target has a steal on dresses right now!}. But then one showed up in my mailbox, too. Somehow I ordered it online without realizing it?? I have no idea how that even happened. Another fun thing? I was walking out of school one day this week and a random kid yelled down the hall, "Hey! You having a baby?" I just laughed an shook my head. Kids.


Emily Carnes said...

You're bump is just precious--and your hair is getting so long!!!!! I just love these updates-11 more weeks! Crazy!

Heather said...

LOVE these updates! You are glowing! So excited for you and your little man on the way. You're going to be a great mama!

Unknown said...

You look great with a baby bump!