Friday, April 11, 2014

28 weeks.

 Happy glucose testing day! I've had a few irrational fears about this pregnancy, one being that I will fail my glucose test and have gestational diabetes {read: not the end of the world}. So I may or may not be unnecessarily nervous about today's test. But here's to staying away from sugars or carbs this afternoon before I drink that delicious drink!
  The only real news this week is that I'm officially hanging up my running shoes for the rest of this pregnancy. I've really wanted to hold out as long as possible, but after a rough mile earlier this week, I realized I have to be done. I'm so middle-heavy and my stomach muscles just can't do it anymore! It's mostly sad because the weather is just starting to be perfect for afternoon runs with the dogs and that's just about my favorite part of Spring. The good news is that I can still walk plenty and I honestly don't think the dogs notice a difference {at least Jersey doesn't}. So there's that. And I may or may not be throwing a pity party about it over here.
   I also started stocking up on a few dresses for this summer. Not maternity dresses, but ones that will work. I actually bought my first maxi dresses! I'm still a bit concerned they just look like moo-moo's on me- pregnant or not- but they are just too comfortable to pass up anymore. And, in case you missed it, you can win yourself {or a knocked up friend!} some adorable maternity clothes here.
   Ok, at this point I'm just stretching for stuff to include in this week's update. In sort of big news, but not really, I made my first baby purchase this week! I have been dying to buy baby boy some cute clothes, but wanting to hold out until after our shower {because people tend to forgo the registry far too often to sleepers with monkeys on the bum} to see what we still need. While doing some baby shower shopping for my cousin this week, though, I couldn't hold out any longer. I went a little wild {note sarcasm} and picked up the cutest striped onesie for $5 at Target! Gah. I love it. It's newborn size and so tiny and adorable and I can't believe a human that size will come out of me sooner rather than later. It may or may not have opened the floodgates, though, since I catch myself almost buying this and oh! look at that! at least 5 times a day since then. 

End most boring bumpdate, ever. 


Holly Osbeck said...

Not a boring bump update at all! That's how I feel like all mine are :) The everyday stuff is just as exciting/important. So fun!!

stacey said...

Definitely NOT a moo-moo! So cute! In fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen that dress before..I'm a maxaholic :)

Unknown said...

I seriously just love these posts.

Allison said...

You look adorable! :) Love the belly picture with your pup looking up at you. Awww. So fun!

Sheryl {BellybuttonsandBows} said...

You are adorable and I love your boring bump dates. I give you mad props for resisting baby clothes, it's soo hard!!!