Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Up & Doing. {March}

Hellooo March! I'm so excited for warmer weather {temps above zero!} and sunshine. February was long and snowy and cold, but I still managed to be super productive and tackle each of my Up & Doing goals. Now onto this month's!

//finish quilting// Its ridiculous how proud I am of this one! I think within 2 days of posting this goal, I finished up the whole quilt in one sitting! I was surprised by how much easier and less daunting it was compared to last time around. It turned out pretty cute {but far from perfect!} and seeing my niece use it is just the cutest thing. Now on to baby boy's quilt!

//start planning// Done! We kept it pretty basic, but I had so much fun. Planning and dreaming up baby's boy's space in our home and lives is just too fun!

//Bible study// I did pretty well with this! Minus the few mornings where I hadn't sleep more than a couple of hours and honestly needed to just rest in bed a bit longer before starting my day {I'm looking at you, terrible pregnancy cold}- I got in really good time in the Word each day. And I'm looking forward to beefing it up with my Lent goal of praying for a specific person each day! 

//garden planning// It's almost Spring! Despite the coldest, snowiest winter Indiana has ever seen {literally, we broke records this year}, it has to warm up eventually! I was a few weeks late on starting my transplants last year, which just meant I waited longer to have some fresh veggies on my table. But I imagine I'll be rather large and in charge come June, so I want to get a head start on our transplants and overall garden plans this year!

//baby projects// I have a pile of fabric waiting to be made into burp cloths and shopping to do for baby boy's quilt. Also, I might try to make a really simple infinity scarf/nursing cover this month.

//Lent// Lent officially starts today, and this year I've decided to spend time praying for a specific person each of these 40 days. It seems kind of lofty to me, but here's to hoping I stick with it!

What goals are you working on this month? 
Doing anything special for Lent or to get ready for the warmer weather?

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