Tuesday, March 11, 2014


   You guys know that there are only 9 days until Spring, right? I have a legit countdown happening on my kitchen chalkboard. It sounds so silly, but it really does help get through these really long, cold days. Or, in Indiana's case, these 60° days followed by forecasts of freezing rain and 4 inches of snow. I mean, come on.
   Another thing that helps pass the time? Having a reason to celebrate! I am over the moon excited about this year's Spring Swap. My favorite part? We've opened it up to bloggers and instagramers! And we're beyond thrilled at the turnout. There are still 4 days to sign up- so be sure to join us and spread the word! Just sign up via the form below and we will email you with all the fun information. You will be randomly matched up and be able to get to know the person you will be putting a package together for and who will be sending to you. Fun, right???

// spring swap timeline:
3/14 |  last day to sign up!
3/15 |  swap partners will be emailed out. email me if you have not heard from your partner by 3/16.
3/31 |  deadline to mail off your package
4/7   |  link up
// price range:  $20
// a little more information: 
+ this swap is open to {almost} everyone! You only need a blog or Instagram account to participate!
+ you will be paired up and swapping with one person. This makes for more fun and a chance to really get to know your partner!
+ once you receive your partner's information, make sure you EMAIL THEM right away. And, of course, stalk away on social media! {in the least creepy way possible}
+ commit to the price range - it really is a bummer when someone gets gypped! 
+ if you need inspiration, be sure to check back here for some fun ideas in the next couple of week! 
+ please make sure you mail your package out BY the deadline. If you can't make this happen, just let us know!
+don't forget to link up with us  {by blog or instagram or both!} on April 7th!

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