Friday, March 28, 2014

26 weeks.

Let's just ignore the fact that we skipped last week's update. It was bound to happen, right? 

   In the last two weeks, people have started to freely rub my belly. Not just touch. Rub. So there's that... Also, baby boy must be growing like a weed because my bump sure is. I only have one maternity shirt, but all of my previously loose fitting shirts are getting tighter every day. Time to do some spring shopping?
   I felt a little guilty about this for a while, but now I realize it's ok to admit it- I really feel great. Pregnancy has been pretty easy on me, minus that first trimester nausea. I have a bit of heartburn and I've started to really feel contractions lately (so weird), but I really do feel great. This week I've started getting a bit more tired, but only at night. And even though I'm enjoying this whole pregnancy thing, I really can't wait to meet our little guy. 14 weeks!
   Speaking of the little guy, we're 99.9% settled on a name for him! Which is huge, since I'm picky. My mom gifted us with the cutest personalized blanket that I've yet to order- I'm waiting until I know for sure neither of us will change our minds! But don't get too excited because we're waiting until he's here to share his name! 
   When I was in Chicago last week, I picked up the frames I needed for baby boy's nursery and had hoped to get some of these to use as bookshelves. But, Ikea was all out and I was pretty let down. So now I'm holding out on paying the outrageous shipping fees to see if I can find a replacement or someone to pick them up for me. But his nursery is coming together! I also started picking up fabric to start his quilt and I can't wait to get the rest this weekend. 
   And the highlight of this week? Getting the sweetest, most thoughtful baby gift from a good friend. Justin came home with it Wednesday {our husbands work together} and I teared up when I saw it and read the card. She gave me this amazing pillow- something not really for baby, but definitely for me. You guys. This pillow is amazing. So amazing. Long story short, I am now back to sleeping {almost} through the night. So, take note! If you know a preggo, get her this! 
  After getting this gift this week and having our stroller/carseat ordered for us, Justin and I are just feeling really blessed. Having a baby can be expensive and overwhelming. But we've been blown away by how much our friends and families have already given so generously to this little guy. He is so loved by a community he's yet to meet. And while material goods are definitely useful, we're extra thankful to know these same people will be around to help us raise and love on the little guy once he's actually here!

End emotional tangent...


Ashleigh said...

You are so tiny to be so far along! You will have no problem going back to normal once baby boy gets here! What name have you chosen for him?

Holly Osbeck said...

Love this! I've learned that I can't feel guilty for my's just the way it is! Perspective is always helpful, but girl, that's awesome and you have 100% reason to celebrate and share that :) Can't wait to see the nursery!