Friday, March 14, 2014

24 weeks.

   Time is just flying! We're almost done with monthly appointments; after our next one we start seeing the doctor every two weeks, and then weekly. Hearing baby boy's heartbeat again this morning was nothing short of amazing. That part will never, ever get old. We also 100% confirmed it is, in fact, a he after having some extra blood tests done last month for another reason. So fun!
   After officially being over my cold and warmer weather being around to stay {let's hope!}, I've just been feeling really great. Getting outside with the pups for a few runs and opening the windows to let in fresh air just does a world of good. I feel like we're at the really fun part of this pregnancy. I physically feel great, its sushine-y and spring outside, and life is just full and busy in all the best ways!
   I also have about half a dozen close friends who are expecting right now. It is so exciting to be at this same stage with friends and experience things together. And, full disclosure, it makes me extra thankful for God's timing. Justin and I have talked several times over the last few weeks about how hard it would be to watch so many of our closest friends celebrate new life if we were still trying. I love being pregnant and am so thankful for this little new life inside of me, but it's not difficult to remember back to when we were trying and not getting pregnant for the longest time. It was hard. Really hard. So I'm really trying my best to be thankful for this little one while being sensitive to others who are in the waiting/trying period.
  And, just for my own sake of remembering these little details later; I'm officially a side sleeper {and my back hates me for it}. I'm still able to run, but my bladder only lets me get about 1.5 miles these days before I just can't take another step. I've officially gained back all the weight I lost in the first trimester! So I'm sure the real pounds will start packing on by the minute now. And baby boy's nursery is coming together! The furniture should be here in the next week, and we have started gathering some artwork for the walls. Too much fun stuff happening!


laureneshepherd said...

You still look great. And I'm glad you're filled with such joy in this deserve it!

Allison said...

Aw, how adorable are you?! I love that your dogs are always in the pictures. So sweet. Glad you are so happy my friend. :)

Unknown said...

You are just the cutest!

megan said...

It really is flying by! It didn't register to me how far along you were when you said 24 weeks, but when you said 6 months, I was like, whoa! :)

Christina said...

ahh Katie you look beautiful!! I haven't been able to keep up with my blog reading the past few months because of this little man I have...but I come back to your blog and check in on you when I can :) I am SO EXCITED for you - enjoy this time in your pregnancy!! You look amazing, and it IS such a fun time!!