Friday, March 7, 2014

23 weeks.

 I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune when it's hot as bawlz outside and I'm feeling like a whale this summer, but time is really just flying by. It's crazy that I only have a few more weeks left before starting the third trimester. This week we finally got a break from winter weather, my cold {read: sleepless night} is on the mend, and we are trucking along with some nursery planning. 
  We had our first bits of baby planning stress this week and it all just reminded me how thankful I am for Justin. And I mean really, really thankful. He keeps me grounded in so many ways. I found out this week that I won't get paid at all for any bit of maternity leave, since I'll be two months shy of being at my job for a full year {when maternity benefits kick in}. Definitely a bummer and puts a bit of a kink in maternity plans. Isn't it funny how God uses so many things to remind us about faith and trusting him? Sheesh. Getting pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy, finances and job planning after baby. He's keeping me prayerful through every single bit of it. Not a bad thing though, right?
   Justin's parents really generously offered to buy us some baby furniture, so we're headed to Ikea this weekend to pick some things up. I CANNOT WAIT. I am just so, so excited to start putting his room together! I've ordered some prints to hang above the crib and the rug I decided on came in yesterday. 
  Full disclosure time? Sometimes I feel a bit silly for getting so excited about little things like putting the nursery together, and then I really check myself. My tendency to stay level headed has a way of taking a bit of joy and fun out things, so I'm working really hard during this pregnancy to just have fun. It probably sounds crazy, but it can kind of be hard for me to just enjoy myself. I just naturally assume the role of being practical and realistic, but I could stand to loosen up a bit. It will probably be good practice for when baby boy gets here, because I don't want my overly practical nature to rob any joy from being a mom, you know?


Boldly Chic Planner said...

You look so adorable! I can't wait to meet this little bean and tell him how great his mommy is!

Chelsea E. said...

You are THE CUTEST! Seriously, that little bump? I'm in love! And so sorry about maternity benefits. What a bummer! I'm excited to see your ikea purchases!!

Jamie said...

Heck yeah just enjoy it! Your cute little bump makes me want another!

Sarah Voorhees said...

I am in the same boat! Very practical. Sometime I need to let loose more, celebrate where I'm at, and stop looking ahead to the next thing that needs to be done.