Tuesday, February 25, 2014


   Lately, it seems I'm on a every other week sore throat rotation. Honestly? I blame it on the snoring. Why does no one tell you that you might start snoring once you get knocked up? Not that this has happened to me... Anyways, I'm feeling random today. 
   //I picked up those blooms for $5 almost 2 weeks ago and I can't get over how gorgeous they still are. Thank you Whole Foods!
   //Just about this time last year, I was in Denver exploring downtown and picking up this colorful print while on a visit with one of my favorites. While I'm feeling bummed I can't make a trip there this Spring, I'm thankful to be doing this pregnancy thing with one of my bests!
   //In case you're counting {I am.}, we only have 23 days until Spring. Holy crap, I think we could all use some spring-like weather. Amen?? It has to come eventually. I've probably said that to myself at least 100 times this winter...
   //Let's chat about how excited I am the Olympics are over. I mean, they are awesome. But I am so ready for The Blacklist to get back on track. WHAT IS UP WITH HER HUSBAND?? I'm dying to know.
  //Speaking of tv, why does Hart of Dixie go on ridiculously long and random breaks? And why WHY aren't Zoe and Wade back together yet? Sheesh. 
  //Anyone else feel that Girl Scout cookies are just a tease? No one wants to feel like a heffer and buy 4 boxes of Tag-Alongs, but seriously. I'm tempted to since each box has, like, two cookies. Girlfriend needs more than two cookies in a box.
  //Back to Spring. Stormy and I are thinking of hosting the Annual Spring Blog Swap again this year. I debate it each year, because I'm never sure if anyone will be interested. Help a girl out and let me know if you would be?

What random things are you thinking of lately? Is there a show you're SO glad is back on now that the Olympics are over? {We're always looking for a new show we both like...} And! Would you be interested in joining in this year's swap


laureneshepherd said...

Okay. So many shows have been interrupted by the Olympics. Parks & Rec, Parenthood, and Nashville to name a few. Also. Hart of Dixie. Is Lemon no longer a character? She hasn't shown up since the holiday break and I'm worried. Also, I'm cheering for Zoe and Wade to get back together. The show isn't the same without that drama. It's been waaaaay too calm this season.

Ashley said...

haha i loved this post! i NEEEED the spring - just like i needed the olympics to be over :)

those flowers are glorious! missed catching up with you friend. so glad you stopped by :)

Sheryl {BellybuttonsandBows} said...

Oh Spring, I've been ready since the new year for spring!!! I am also glad the Olympics are over, for real. I highly suggest Parenthood, but you really should catch up on the seasons. And I still watch Glee even though I've been very disappointed in the last 2 seasons. I just can't stop watching!!

I just signed up for the blog swap. Excited!!!

Sarah Voorhees said...

Katie and Lauren I totally agree about Hart of Dixie. Kick Joel off! And I think Lemon is off the show for now because she had a baby in real life, so she's probably taking some maternity leave... hopefully she'll be back soon! And while I love the Olympics, I'm also glad they are over because they ruled my life. And the summer ones are way better. My husband said "I can't wait till the Olympics are over and I get my wife back" haha

Anonymous said...

I am so totally with you on The Blacklist---what is his deal?!!! I also support the watching of Parenthood if you don't already tune in. :) Also, Suits returns soon! Are you still watching?