Thursday, December 12, 2013


  Can I be really sappy and emotional today? Mmkay. 
Justin and I are so blessed to live close to my family {hello, adorable niece and nephew!}. But not so blessed to live really far from his. Indiana is quite the hike from south Florida and Jersey. With all the craziness of life {read: lack of vacation days/expensive flights}, we just don't see his side all that often. 2 times a year is the usual. This year has been different, though, and I've just been feeling really thankful for all the extra quality time we've gotten with them these last few months. I have a sneaking suspicion that life is about to get even busier and get-togethers and long trips are only going to become more challenging, so I've really been soaking up these extra visits. Sidenote? Having a sister-in-law is just about the best thing. I most definitely love my sisters and all of Justin's family, but there is something really wonderful about having a sister-in-law.

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