Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cookie exchange.


   Earlier this week, the ladies from my book club got together for a cookie exchange. December is famous for jam-packed schedules, so we decided to take this month off from reading a new book and just enjoy time together. 
   Have I talked about book club much? It's kind of become this wonderful random part of each month. Our group has almost doubled since we started meeting {a few are missing from the photo above!}, and we're kind of a hodge podge bunch {aren't those the best kinds?}. But man, is it fun. We've read some pretty terrible books but some really wonderful ones, too. We've eaten an embarrassing amount of delicious food together.
  I talked in bit and pieces last year about wanting to be more intentional with relationships. Book club was one of those things. A few ladies and I literally just decided to start it out of nowhere, and I'm sure we all agree we're glad we did. First of all, I just really really love to read. But we've talked about that {here, here and here}. Second, getting to know new ladies and have some quality girl time to look forward to each and every month is just necessary, you know? Anyways, if you're in a book club I'd love to hear what traditions you guys have or any good books you've read. If not, I dare you to start one. If reading isn't your thing {can we even be friends??}, start a wine club or movie club or whatever just for an extra push at building intentional community around yourself!
  Also of note? We did a white elephant gift exchange and I scored mint condition O-Town and Brandy cd's. Hello, new soundtrack for my work commute! 

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lacey said...

this is great! whenever i read about bloggers' book clubs, i feel a pang of envy. guess this means i need just take your suggestion and start my own? probably. :-) and i think you had the right idea to take this month off and just enjoy each other's company. merry, merry!