Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Birthday! {Wags and Wiggles}

   This week, I'm teaming up with Shawna from Wags and Wiggles to tell you all about the most adorable, durable dog toys. Shawna also carries cat toys {DOGS4LYFE}, leashes and totes. She uses fun fabrics and creates the most unique dog toys I've ever seen! Case in point, Lobster {we've dubbed her Lobby}.  
  Full disclosure, I was worried Jersey would have this toy {any toy, really} torn to shreds in 5 minutes. She is really aggressive with her toys and we usually only buy Kong brand because they last longest, but she eventually destroys those, too. {sidenote: Shawna uses Kong squeakers in her toys- so I knew it would be perfect for us!} Also, we have to give her only about 20 minutes with even the toughest toy, because she will literally chew and bite it until it's demolished. Awesome. So you can see why I was leery of a handmade toy, right?
  I was pleasantly surprised! First of all, I love how quiet the squeaker is! Because Shawna uses two layers of fabric, it muffles the sound. And Lord knows that squeaky sound can get annoying. Second, this toy is just so freaking adorable! To see Jersey walking around with a Lobster in her mouth, I can't. And the real test, it is just as durable as Shawna says! After letting Jers play with it for about 20 minutes a few different times, only one little seam is torn. THAT'S HUGE! Whenever I open the linen closet we keep her toys in, she starts sniffing around in her dog bag for Lobby and runs away with it. She's in love! 
  I've already started a shortlist of pups to buy for this Christmas, and Wags and Wiggles in on my Must Shop list for them! {along with Dog Skout Cookies, of course!} Check out some of the other adorable toys...

Gah, I can't. So. Stinking. Adorable! 

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These are so cute!!