Friday, October 11, 2013

Best of my days. {26}

  {in effort to choose joy, I keep an online and offline journal of things I am thankful for}

TGIF!!!! This week has been a really long one at work and I am So. Glad. Its. Over. Also, I'm just super excited for this weekend. Justin's brother is in town and we're meeting up with his aunt and uncle and parents tomorrow to watch his cousin's football game at MSU. On Sunday, we have our monthly family dinner with my side= lots of niece and nephew cuddles. Basically, all family all weekend. What's not to love about that??

301. last Farmers' Market of the season
302. my adorable and cuddly pups
303. family!
304. adventure planning with J
305. Hart of Dixie season premiere. Wade. What else is there to say??
306. Fastest run in long time
307. sending packages. the post office. new stamps. Everything about mail, really.
308. eating supper together every night
309. new mums!
310. hope of things to come 

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Sarah Voorhees said...

OMGosh I tried to watch the season premiere but our apartment cable doesn't get the CW... WHAT?!? I was totally bummed. So I have to wait till next Tuesday for them to post it online, but at least I still get to watch it :)