Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy birthday! {For Dirty Dogs}

   This series has been so much fun! Although Jersey may or may not have enjoyed testing out this week's feature, I absolutely loved it. Do you know how difficult it is to take good photos of a crazy Weimaraner during bath time??? Full disclosure: we don't bathe our dogs often. But in our defense, Murphy isn't supposed to be groomed often. Jersey typically stays clean, but she also rolls in the dirt on the regular. So you could say we need to up our dog-bathing game.
  Enter fordirtydogs. This stuff is amazing.  Way back when we first got Murph, Justin spent like 30 minutes talking to a guy at the pet store about what kind of dog shampoo is best. His main takeaway was that it needed to be oatmeal based and have as many natural ingredients as possible. Tish kind of blew that out of the water- her shampoo has TONS of good stuff! Oatmeal, jojoba, grapeseed oil, rosemary extract, essential oils. You can imagine how good it smells. 
  I also really love how fordirtydogs got started. Tish has always loved dogs and got her sweet little Dyson from a shelter. The poor guy has allergies, so Tish turned her hobby of making beauty regimes for herself into the task of finding something that didn't irritate Dyson's skin. And she's sharing with all of us! Another reason I love Tish? Dyson is a husky. :) 
  Now, my dogs don't really have sensitive skin. Especially Jersey. The girl is wild and nothing phases her. But I still try to be careful with what I use on her coat. And I really do love this stuff. The last oatmeal shampoo we had was kind of a vanilla scent, and I kind of hated it. It just didn't work with the whole wet dog smell that comes with bathing a dog. This stuff, though. Holy goodness. Tish sent me the Grapefruit Lemongrass and it is heavenly. Like, I would like my shampoo to smell the same, please.
  All this to say, if you're in the market for some natural and deliciously smelling shampoo for your pup- run to fordirtydogs. Tish is offering you a great deal of $5 off any $20 minimum purchase- just use coupon code GoDirty And thank me later. Oh! And be sure to check out Tish's instagram {which has over 5000 followers!} for some completely adorable dog pictures. My Jersey girl may or may not be making an appearance today!

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Haylee said...

These pictures are your dog are hilarious. There's no way I would take my camera in the bathroom during my pup's bath time.

Thanks for sharing the product. I'll have to check it out. :)