Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Must-Haves. {jaycimay}

   If there's one accessory I love, its a good bag/clutch/wallet/something that holds other somethings. They can be mixed and matched to jazz up even the most boring outfit {read:: what I wear every day} and also, they don't discriminate on fat days {I'm looking at you, jeans}. 

  These days, I find myself extra-crushing {yes, extra-crushing. It's a phrase, I swear} on clutches and hobo/crossbody bags. I fluctuate pretty equally between carrying nothing but my cell phone and keys to carrying my entire office. Enter the clutch that fits into a hobo! What I especially love about JayciMay's foldover clutches is that they are a bit roomier than your standard clutch, but they still fit under your arm. {clutch clutch clutch...how many times can I say it in one post??}. It is perfect to keep keys, cards, and my cell phone in and throw into my new hobo bag when I need even more room. Eek! I just love it!

 Also, I'm pretty sure I'll be using it for all my jewelry when we travel for the holidays. It will be quite the step up from the plastic storage bag I've been using since college. {Yes, the same bag for at least 6 years} 
 Jayci is the designer and creator behind JayciMay and her shop if full of bright handbags and totes. And, because she's super sweet- she is offering all my readers 15% off her entire line for the month of October! Just use the coupon code: DAISY. Go treat yo'self! {name that tv show...}


jayciMay said...

Thank you so Much!!!

Kristin Cho said...

um, this is so cute! i've not heard of her.. now i know what I'll be looking up on my lunch break :)