Monday, August 26, 2013

Right now.

 Right now::

 +Hoping I pass my upcoming licensing test. Gosh, am I nervous about that.
 +Feeling so tired since I've had two terrible nights' sleep in a row. Woof.
 +Letting the excitement of moving on from one job to another get the best of me. Maybe that's why I   can't sleep?
 +Eating homemade granola bars. PB+chocolate chip4Life
 +Dreading/Loving my rekindled love for TaeBo. Because, ow.
 +Loving that my husky is done shedding his summer coat. So. Much. Hair.
 +Thankful for a husband that did the dishes and some laundry and grocery shopping this weekend! Husband FTW.
 +So, so looking forward to this long weekend coming up. Labor day, I love you. 
 +Realizing this list is pretty pointless. But hey, I blogged! 

Happy Monday!  


Amanda said...

I am out of the loop.. What new job did you get?? :)

Stormy said...

Good luck on your upcoming test dear! I'm sure you'll rock it!