Monday, July 29, 2013

Vacation hangover.

    We spent the last 7 days on the lake with our college besties and man, are we finding it hard to get over this vacation hangover. You know, kind of like the post summer camp blues? When you come home from just a really, really good week and have to get back to your adult life, which really isn't so bad, it just can't compare at all to a whole week with people who know you so well and jet skis and campfires and no worries in the world? 
   The good news is that we've decided we want to buy a lake house, though. So there's that. 

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Unknown said...

I totally relate! Beach living with good community is so peaceful and good. We have had this feeling a ton this summer with our weekend trips to friends' lake cottages... then going back to real life. You should get the lake house! do it do it.