Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Up & Doing. {May recap}

//go hiking// We had plans to go to Turkey Run this month, but got rained out. So that was a bummer. But we were more active than ever and logged a few miles each day with the pups {I got in 22 walks/run with them!}. I'm calling it a win/win.

//get licensed// Who knew it cost $15 for two measly passport photos?? And $10 for a transcript?? And $50 for an application fee?? Not this girl. It took me two weeks to get over those annoyances and bite the bullet, but my application to sit for my exam is officially sent off! Now I'm just waiting to get approved and schedule my exam.  

//cheer up the deck// We nailed this one! I bought two oversized planters, filled them to the brim, and am in love. My smaller planter is also in full bloom, along with our gorgeous {low maintenance!} clematis. So much gorgeous color makes my heart happy. After we get the deck stained {I'm looking at you, rainy season}, we'll fill our flower box. 


Emily said...

Nice job! I hate how much application and testing fees are...it's so ridiculous!

Still up for Petite Chou tomorrow night?? As of right now, it doesn't look like Liam will interfere with things! :)

Amanda said...

It rained so much last month.. Hopefully the rain is calmed down for now :) don't get me wrong.. I love a good thunderstorm. But everyday rain and blah gets a little old ;)
Love how you make goals for every month!
Like I've said before, your blog is perfection to me! :) love you, Katie!