Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Good reads.

  I saw this post from Angie, and was inspired to follow suit. I've been reading books likes crazy lately {thank you, book club!}, but have really dropped the ball on my GoogleReader {gosh, I'm going to miss GoogleReader}. I still have my go-to favorite reads {like this, this, this, this, this and this}- but am on the hunt for a few more great reads to add to my daily list. 

 I'm looking at you, reader who never comments. This one is worth weighing in on...

  So tell me, what are your favorite blogs to read and bloggers to interact with? 


Chelsea E. said...

Aww, I'm glad I'm a favorite! I love reading your blog too (I'm just terrible at commenting/had no idea I was a no-reply for the longest time ever!).

This N That said...

Life's a Dance
Living in Yellow - Erin is a hoot
Thrifty Decor chick
Honey I'm Home

Are all fav's of mine!

Emily Carnes said...

Gosh--I have to say that I don't think I'm following very many of your favorites! I just spend the weekend with Lori, from A Crazy Walk on the Safe'll LOVE her!

Heather from honee bee is also super sweet!

Becky Borgman said...

Okay I just came across your blog and was won over right away by 2 things: 1) We have the same bible 2) Your letter to your dog and the fact that you used the word "deuces".

My favorite blog is She has such a neat heart and AWESOME recipes! And now I am also following you!

angie on maui said...

Girl, I have totally dropped the ball on my Google Reader, too! (actually, I am in limbo, trying to clean up my reading list and get comfortable with BlogLovin).

I love that you listed five faves - they are all new to me, so I am off to check them out!

Hope you're having a good day. xo