Friday, May 31, 2013

Best of my days. {16}

   This week has left me exhausted, even though it was a short one. Why do the shortest ones sometimes feel the longest?? Either way, its the end of the week and month {busiest time at work}. I had my grad school girls over last night for a cookout {thanks, husband!} and wine and Pacers-watching. I say it all the time, but damn, I've got great friends. A glass of wine {or steamy tea} and some friends around a table makes anything better. Even a long week. 
  Cheers to the weekend!

191. Saturday shopping
192. Amish cheese at the farmer's market
193. a movie date
194. wine with work friends {outside of work}
195. a really, really long weekend
196. summer cookouts
197. having community
198. walks that turn into runs
199. waking up to a clean house
200. gardening


meme-and-he said...

200! nice job!
also, you have GOT to stop talking about wine...I am going a little crazy over here. The other night I had a little tiny sip of wine and it was totally worth it. apparently in Europe women drink wine all the time during is my excuse :)

Amanda said...

Waking up to a clean house is the best! :) love the list!