Friday, April 12, 2013

Best of my days. {11}

  Spring in Indiana is just about the best thing ever. {But I say the same thing about fall and summer...} My favorite part is how all of the sudden, it is in full force {along with spring allergies- which I seem to be immune to these days. And then I just jinxed myself for saying that} It only started warming up a week ago, but the trees are blooming and the grass is a bright shade of green. Because I'm one of the cheesiest people you've ever met, you won't be surprised that every year this verse floats around my head perpetually these first few weeks of spring.
 I like to think that God made seasons because he also made us, and knew how quickly we'd grow restless of things. Just as soon as I'm tired of being cooped up and endlessly cold, the season shifts. Just as soon as I think one more sweltering day might just kill me, the season shifts. 
 It's during these first days of a new season outside that I find it especially easy to be grateful. Which is nice, since you know, winter seemed especially long and cold this year {I'm looking at you, Mr. Snowstorm in March...}. One day, I dream of having a fully grateful heart. And I think the more I practice, the closer I come. Truthfully, though, I'm just not there yet. That makes these first days and weeks of spring that much sweeter.
 Anyone else super cheesy about new seasons like me? Tell me I'm not the only one that gets so introspective and nostalgic!

127. a Goodwill gift card
128. a clean house
129. Mia & Murph
130. Chick fil a
131. a free date night
132. 4 miles
133. encouragement from Justin
134. an early morning commute
135. sharing a couch at night
136. green grass
137. a good, early morning run
138. backyard in bloom
139. a summer-like storm
140. fresh daffodils
141. breakfast with Justin
142. losing weight
143. a new Bible study {with Justin}
144. free craft supplies
145. in bed by 9pm


Unknown said...

Haha I am exactly like you.
Every time a new season begins I LOVE that season, but the truth is I love the changing of the seasons.

Allison said...

Free craft supplies always make me smile too. :) Happy weekend!

Emily said...

i LOVE the new signs of life that spring, green grass, leaves on trees, and birds chirping in the morning!

i really need to start doing a gratitude journal like you do...i take way too many things for granted and need to give more thanks to God for all he has given me!

p.s. still not sure about tomorrow...this weekend is busy taking care of nursery stuff, running errands, and getting ready for our trip this week. i hate to delay brunch again, but i might have to! :(