Thursday, April 11, 2013

Up & doing. {April}

  So, clearly March was no bueno in the goal department. Here's to hoping April is much, much better!

::  Run more. Once upon a time, I was kind of a runner. Somewhere in my late high school, early college years I fell in love with the sport and ran a lot. Then I got a little sick, had a little surgery, started a full time job- and kind of fell off the wagon. But I'm determined to ease back in. Slowly but surely, I'll be a runner again. So, my goal is to log 8 miles a week this month. A baby goal, for sure.

::  Create/declutter. I'm determined to tackle our bedroom, pallet headboard or not! This will be the month.

::  Garden. Its gardening season! I want to get all of my seedlings started inside and ready to transplant by the end of the month. Eek! Fresh I come! {ps. any good suggestions for garden flowers? I have some room left in my plot and want some blooms!}

And since we're a few days in, I should let you know my goals are already off to a good start. I've been jogging, finding new headboard ideas, planning to purge our bedroom this weekend, and have all the supplies to start my seedlings tonight! April, let's do this. 

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