Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Up & Doing {March}

  Its taken me a bit to come up with some goals for March. February was so good and full and stretching. And it kind of set the bar high for March, you know? So I've kind of decided to go a completely different direction this month. And since its taken me a week or so to drum up some goals I'm committed to, I've got to get my boot-ay in motion to make up for the week or so I've missed!

  Instead of focusing on specific goals from three broader areas (me, him, them)I just chose goals that I really to work on in general. Sometimes you have to divert, you know?

Walk the dogs. Yes. I literally mean I need to walk my dogs. I'm living on the wild side this month, I know. Ever since we moved into our house {over a year ago!}, we've gotten out of the routine of walking our pups. And Lord knows they miss it. And need way more exercise than just chasing unfortunate ducks & rabbits around our yard. And hey, I can definitely use more exercise. So, my goal is to walk them every other day. Don't judge me daily dog walkers- I'm easing my way back in! 

Spice Spruce up the master. Guys, our master bathroom is lame. At best. Its definitely the last-on-the-list room for everything {decorating, organizing, cleaning, etc.} While we don't have tons of moolah to pour into making it cute, I really want to do something. Maybe move the dog crates? And put some clothes away? That alone would make it classier. So, my goal is to make it a room we love. Shop our house, organize a bit, rearrange, and maybe buy a few small things or hang a frame or two.

Connect offline. Thanks to Lauren, I've got a new favorite blog. And it's inspired me to be more intentional about taking internet friendships offline. I really how internet-dating-ish that sounds. But really, I connect with a lot of you on a regular basis through commenting and emailing every once in a while. Maybe even a Twitter shout out here and there. But I want to connect in real life! Pen and paper, text message type  of connecting. That's part of the reason I love the Spring Swap- it gives me a chance to get to know a handful of bloggers and connect that way. So, I am going to be intentional about connecting with other bloggers this month. First, through the Swap. {you can help me out by joining in the fun! I'd love to get to know you better and help you connect to other bloggers in real life!!!} Second, just by taking a few online friendships offline. Eek, I'm so excited!

  I am finding that I totally geek out each month with the whole goal-setting habit I'm creating. I love it. I feel productive. There's forward motion, growth, and well, fun stuff. Do you have goals for this month? I'd love to hear them! 


Emily grapes said...

I know if I had dogs, (big if there. ;) I'd have a hard time walking them too. I'd have to fight getting out of the 'its a chore' feeling.

Get that master done! Let it be your oasis (corny, yes) but have it be a relaxing place for you guys. Do it to it!

Brittany Kyte said...

I really need to walk my poor pup more often. Great reminder! Haha!

Megan said...

I so need to walk the dogs, too!! They have SO much energy and really love it.